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Ament Associates Inc. provides solutions to agritourism challenges. Merging agriculture with the tourism industry is fast becoming another alternative revenue stream. Innovative approaches are essential to your success.

Selling products directly to the consumer, promoting the experience of agriculture, educating about how products are produced, and highlighting the heritage of rural life are examples of capturing the agritourism market.

Through customized processes, Ament Associates Inc. delivers creative alternatives to your specific agritourism needs. AAI offers cost efficiencies and flexibility in a time sensitive manner. The strengths of AAI are connections, collaboration, and client satisfaction.


  • Evaluation of existing business
  • Development of potential concepts
  • Feasibility consultation

Business Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • The Search of Grants
  • Grant Writing
  • Managing Grants

Marketing and Publicity
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Brochure Development & Production
  • Website Creation/Evaluation
  • Publicity Plan Development

Leveraging Partnerships
  • Event Planning
  • Target Market Communication
  • Community Collaborations